Laura's Curves Boudoir Story - A new Reflection

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During last year I lost 4 1/2 stone and have maintained at target since Jan by sticking to my Slimming world plans and yoga! I'm healthier and a lifetime of bad eating habits have been changed forever with good home cooking and healthy eating. However, looking at myself in the mirror I still saw that bigger person with zero confidence who spent years avoiding pictures being taken, or using the kids as human shields to hide behind. I needed a something desperately to give me a confidence boost.

A few months ago I went for a Boudoir Shoot, I was a nervous wreck when I got there, and nearly chickened out in the car park, but once I got through the door the team immediately put me at ease. I hardly recognised myself once my make-up was done.

Nerves set in again once we got to the photos, however 10 mins in I was loving it. All my inhibitions had gone and I could of stayed for hours. A week later when i saw my! I looked amazing and that made me feel amazing.

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The whole experience has helped my look at myself in a whole new light, and just what I needed. I've even started wearing make-up every day!

I literally can not recommend curves highly enough. A boudoir shoot is something every woman should do, it's liberating.


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