Kim's Curves Boudoir Story - Finding her inner Yummy Mummy!

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After having my son 2 years ago I was so consumed with being a new mum that I wasn't looking after myself well. I had terrible postnatal anxiety, lost my confidence and was struggling with being comfortable in my new 'mum body'. Then 6 months ago I started exercising and eating better and slowly I started feeling better about myself. 

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I just thought maybe going completely out of my comfort zone is what I needed to bring 'Kim'  back!! My anxiety was high driving to the photoshoot not knowing what to expect. I'd NEVER worn make up,  not even on my wedding day but Gemma was incredible with my make up and made me feel the best I've felt about myself in 2 years. I felt so pretty 💖. 

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The photoshoot was one of the best experiences I've had. Doug made me feel so comfortable and at ease. To say I've had a confidence boost is an made my true inner happiness shine through again. I look at myself in the mirror and smile (even when my bum jiggles 😊) I feel so much better about myself and in my hot mum body 😂. 

Curves Photography Studios - Boudoir Photographer Manchester Cheshire.jpg

I can't thank you enough for this experience it truly has empowering and reminded me that I am beautiful. 

Don't let the fear stop you! Taking a step out of my comfort zone has had a lasting effect even months later x


Kim 💖

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