Our Boudoir Style Guide


We want your shoot to be perfect for you and we also love helping with shopping so if you need any help with ideas give us a call on 0161 274 9084 or catch us on live chat and we can help send links and ideas perfect for your shape and style on the budget you have.

Planning your outfits for a Boudoir shoot can seem like a daunting task but dont worry its alot easier than you think and also a lot less inexpensive than you need it to be, we are always compiling links to different shops with great deals on undies etc and we are always out on the hunt to get inspiration for you lovely ladies. Take a look below to see some hints and tips on what we would recommend for you to bring to your Boudoir Shoot and some bargains we have found too!



We know it might seem daunting trying to find matching sets of underwear or maybe your shoot is to try something new and you don't really own fancy undies. Some of the best shoots have been produced with undies from Primark and George so its super easy to grab a few matching sets ready for your shoot. We recommend going for a mix of colours and styles to give a great variety in your images and this will give you much more to choose from in your final selections. 



Now this is normally the easy one for most ladies, time to dust off those heels that look amazing but you cant walk in. Heels look super sexy in the photographs and help add length to your legs in the shots. Don’t worry if you dont have any heels we have various styles in the studio from sizes UK 4 -8


We have a fantastic selection of steel boned figure enhancing corsets at the studio which you are welcome to use in your shoot , these range from sizes 6 - 36.  Corsets are a fantastic way to show off your curves, have some coverage and give your shoot a vintage spin. If you have some sexy corsets of your own bring those along too!

suspender belt.JPG


Suspender Belts are a fantastic way to "Sexy Up" a set of underwear. Combined with a pair of suspenders or hold ups you will have the perfect Boudoir outfit. If you are conscious of your tummy area suspender belts can also help give coverage. If your wanting some coverage we recommend looking for a high waisted corset as this will also accentuate your curves and give you a sexy little nip at the waist. Depending on your dress size consider the amount of clasps on the belt as more clasps help with curvy body shapes to avoid your stockings dropping or digging in.



Whether its an item of Jewellery or a Partners shirt, adding personal items into your shoot will give your images that personal touch. Perfect if your pictures are for a gift for your partner or to celebrate a special event or show off a meaningful item of jewellery,


STOCKINGS & Hold ups

Stocking and suspenders are always a great little must have for a boudoir shoot. Not only will they add a sexy touch to your images, they help add length to the appearance of your legs in the shots. Suspenders and hold ups are great if you want a subtle amount of coverage too when combined with a suspender belt. Stockings and suspenders are very inexpensive and can be picked up from most stores, supermarkets and online. Have a play with different designs and styles in your shoot.  



Robes can be a sultry addition to your shoot, especially if you have any areas you may want to be less prominent in your images, we can help use the material with your posing and lighting to give subtle coverage whilst maintaining the sexy look of the shoot. We have a selection of satin robes but feel free to bring your own too.



Baby-dolls are a cutesy addition to an outfit set for a wardrobe as they show off the cleavage area but subtly cover the mid region giving a very suggestive sultry look to the images. All depending on the look and feel of the shoot you would like a baby-doll would be a consideration. We do advise going for a baby-doll which has a bra like style to give support and emphasis cleavage.


Here’s some of the latest sales we have found so you can grab a bargain!